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"You & I" CARD is a useful service for non-Japanese residents in Kawanishi. Information on city affairs as well as various enjoyable events is provided in English and easy Japanese with Hiragana, as needed.

If you wish to make use of this service, please submit an application form to the office of the Kawanishi International Association. (The form is available at Kawanishi City Hall: Culture and International Exchange Div. or the window for foreigners' registration)
Otherwise, you can submit your personal information by the form below, such as your name, address in Kawanishi, e-mail address, nationality, native language, and other languages you can speak. Please mention "I want to register "You & I CARD". in the text.

If you can assist us as a volunteer translater, please contact us at anytime. (Phone 072-740-1106 : Culture & International Exchange Div. ) Your assistance will be an important help for other residents who want information in other languages.


Public Relations Office,Planning and Finance Department,City of Kawanishi

12-1,Chuo-cho,Kawanishi,Hyogo 666-8501,Japan
Phone:072-740-1104 Fax:072-755-4145
If you have a question about this web page, please contact us via phone,fax or fill in the form by click here.