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Divide your garbage into 9 groups

In Kawanishi, garbage should be divided into 9 groups before you put them out. Some items will be recycled. The collection days vary according to the category.  For more information about the ways how to divide garbage, please get the leaflet below (download). 

  • Burnable Garbage
         Burnable garbage of its size less than 40cm. (Twice a week)
  • Plastic Containers and Packaging 
         Containers and packaging with the symbol of  "プラ" (Wednesday) 
  • Plastic Bottles
         Put plastic bottles in a bag separately from plastic containers and packaging.
         Place the bags separately at the site.  (Wednesday)
  • Non-Burnable Garbage 
         Non-burnable less than 40cm in size. (Twice a month)
  • Hazardous Garbage
          Cylindrical batteries, Fluorescent light tubes, Mercury thermometers
          (Twice a month)
  • Glass Bottles and Jars 
           Remove lids, empty the contents and rinse the inside. 
           Sort them according to their colors and place them
           into color-coded containers. (Twice a month)
  • Cans
            Empty the contents and rinse the inside. (Twice a month)
  • Large-sized Garbage
            40cm or more in size, burnable and non-burnable
            (Twice a month)
  • Papers and Cloths  
            Newspaper, magazines, cardboard boxes, clothes, curtains etc.
            (Twice a month)

Regarding to the schedule, please get the table below (download) , otherwise,  you can get it at the City Hall. The collection days of each group are different from the area you live in. Please put the garbage on the definite site, which is fixed in each area. Please ask your neighbors where it is.

Collection time is 8:30 a.m.

You should put out garbage by 8:30 a.m. on the collection day.  Do not put out the garbage the day before, as it inconveniences people living near collection sites.  Garbage site should be kept clean by those who use it.

For more information, please call 072-759-8011, Public Cleansing Department (Bika-suishin-bu).

Air conditioners, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, Computers

These electric appliances below are not collected as over-sized garbage.
You must follow the designated procedure as below. 
There is a handling fee for collection of the following items.

Air conditioners, TV, refrigerator, washing machine

Ask the shop where you are purchasing a replacement to collect the item, or ask the shop where you purchased the item to collect it.
If you are unable to ask either retailer,
please call at 兵庫県電機商業組合川西支部,Hyogo Prefecture Denki-shogyo Kumiai, Kawanishi branch.
  phone  072-795-1758  (Japanese only)

Personal computers, including desktops, laptops, display screens

Apply directly to the manufacturer for disposal. 

For more details, ask PC 3R Promotion Center.
phone  03-5282-7685

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