Vol.2 Bijomaru & Kojumaru (Shodoji Temple)


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Shodoji Temple

There is a tragic tale told of Shodoji Temple located in Nishiuneno.
Minamoto-no-Mitsunaka, who was the Lord of Settsu and the person who built Tada-In (Tada Shrine) in the 10th century, sent his son, Bijomaru, to Nakayamadera Temple (Takarazuka City), to receive training to become a Buddhist priest. Bijomaru, however, spent all his time playing martial arts, and was not serious at all in his training to become a priest.
One day, when Bijomaru became 15 years old, his father, Mitsunaka asked him how much progress he made in his training. When Mitsunaka realized that Bijomaru could not read Buddhist scriptures, nor compose a tanka (a 31-syllable Japanese poem) nor play music, he became furious and ordered his chief vassal, Nakamitsu Fujiwara, to kill Bijomaru by cutting his head.
Nakamitsu was in big difficulties, since he could not take the life of a son of his lord. As Kojumaru, one of the sons of Nakamitsu, knew the plight of his father, he told his father to kill him instead. Nakamitsu found Kojumaru join his hands in prayer, and close his eyes. Holding back his tears, Nakamitsu slew his son, and let Bijomaru secretly go off to Mount Hiei (Shiga Prefecture).
Bijomaru later found out what had happened, and devoted himself to ascetic practices to become a priest. He became a high-ranking priest, called Genken-sozu, and built Shodoji Temple to enshrine the spirit of Kojumaru.
The temple of this legend is highlighted by ever-changing scenery of the seasons, from cherry blossoms in spring to vibrant yellows and reds in autumn.

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