Vol.3 A Stone That Cures A Disease


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A Stone That Cures A Disease

There is a stone that has been called "a stone that cures a disease" in Higashikushiro area. Many people suffered from an epidemic that had been very prevalent in Kushiro-Shinden-mura, or Higashikushiro area in the Edo era, about 200 years ago.
When a bonze, a Buddhist priest, passed through the village, he felt sorry for the patients. After he kept on praying for their recovery from disease for some days, the epidemic ended calmly.
The villagers thanked him genuinely and asked the bonze for a memento when he was to depart. He brought a stone from the Inagawa river and left words, "If you got disease, touching this stone three times will cure you."
This stone has been near Higashi Kushiro-kaikan (hall) in Higashikushiro 1 chome now. The height of the stone is 85 cm and the width of the bottom is 56 cm. The letters "Shomen Kongo" (the name of a god that has the special power of chasing away diseases) are carved on the surface of the front. The smoothness and the luster of the stone tell us that a lot of people have touched it in prayer.

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