Vol.4 The Legend Of Dragon


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Shrine of the Legend of Dragon

 In about 1910, some rickshaw men who were waiting for customers witnessed a mysterious scene in front of JR Kawanishi Ikeda Station (then National Railway Ikeda Station).
In a heavy rain, a black cloud came whirling down to the bamboo grove called Rokube Oyabu near Minamihanayashiki 2-chome.
Soon after the cloud spiraled upward to the heaven, the sky entirely cleared up. How strange it was! Some people went into the grove timidly. They found the bamboos blown down and countless black spots there.
The rumor spread that the big snake, the master of this grove, changed his shape to a big dragon and ascended to the heaven leaving claw marks behind. Hearing the rumor, many people visited here from far away.
Then a shrine was built and this area was crowded with people for a while.

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