Vol.1"KUZURYU" a Dragon with Nine Heads


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KUZU Daimyojin

More than 1000 years ago, when Minamoto-no-Mitsunaka made a vow and consulted the oracles at Sumiyoshi Shrine in Osaka, he received a divine revelation. That is "Shoot an arrow into the air. The point the arrow falls is the place where you live.". So, Mitsunaka shot a special white arrow called "Kabura-ya".
It flew high up in the air, crossed over the Satsukiyama mountains, and fell into a lake surrounded by deep mountains.
In that lake, there lived a dragon which had nine heads. The dragon often went down to the village, robbed the crops and tormented the villagers.
The arrow hit the dragon's eye. When Mitsunaka cut his heads one by one, it ran riot with pain and crashed through the mountains.
The water flowed out from the lake. After the water subsided, many rich crop fields appeared. Mitsunaka built a castle and took up his residence there.
He announced himself as "TADA Genji", (Tada means many crop fields) The origin of the name of the place, "YATOU" (to ask about the arrow) comes from this story, as Mitsunaka arrived at this place by asking people where the arrow was going.
The shrine "KUZU Daimyojin" is on the outskirts of the residential section of Higashitada, surrounded by tall cypress and cedar trees.
The Dragon's heads are enshrined there and it is said that they are propitious to the disease of the upper parts of the head such as eyes, nose, mouth or ears.

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