Tada Shrine


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Tada Shrine

In the year 970 Mitsunaka, Lord of Settsu, built Tada-in, the predecessor of the present Tada Shrine. The current temple was rebuilt by Tokugawa Ietsuna, the 4th Shogun of the Edo era. A divine atmosphere surrounds the whole neighborhood of the shrine, which has been designated as a National Ruin. There are many cultural assets to be found such as Honden and Haiden, the main and front shrines. Major members of the Genji clan, Mitsunaka, Yorimitsu, Yorinobu, Yoriyoshi, and Yoshiie, are enshrined here. Rare and beautiful camellia blossoms, in red, pink, and white, can be seen in winter all around Honden (the main shrine).


By Train

Take Nose Railway to Tada Station and walk 1.3 km to the west.

By Bus

Tada Shrine Map

Take the Hankyu Bus from Kawanishi-Noseguchi Station and get off at Tada Jinja-mae


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