Location of Kawanishi


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location of Kawanishi

Kawanishi is located in the southeast part of Hyogo prefecture. Its neighbors include Ikeda and Minoh of Osaka prefecture to the east,Takarazuka and the town of Inagawa to the west,and Nose and the town of Toyono on the north. It's narrow east to west,and long north to south. 
The city's north side is somewhat mountainous,and part of this area has been designated as part of the Prefectural Inagawa Ravine Natural Park. The southern part is generally flat;and the center of the city can be found here.


Public Relations Office,Planning and Finance Department,City of Kawanishi

12-1,Chuo-cho,Kawanishi,Hyogo 666-8501,Japan
Phone:072-740-1104 Fax:072-755-4145
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